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Don’t Get Caught Unprepared


Emergencies don’t wait. Having solid preparation can give you peace of mind and, in the face of an emergency, save lives. We’re here to help every Husky prepare for emergencies before they happen. We offer emergency preparation guidelines and resources for every Husky, including students, parents, faculty/staff and community partners.

What is UConnREADY?

At its core, UConnREADY is a university-wide public safety and preparedness campaign developed by the UConn Office of Emergency Management. The purpose of the campaign is to “create a community proud to be safe.” The campaign uses social media and other online platforms, outreach events and marketing gear to connect with our Husky community, improve preparedness, and educate about available resources.

What it means to be UConnREADY

UConnREADY is more than a safety campaign – it’s a community. We are all part of the Husky community and have a shared responsibility to be ready for disaster. Huskies need to be prepared for anything. When any part of our community’s welfare is in jeopardy, UConnREADY students are ready to react. Join the campaign and get yourself UConnREADY!

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How Can I Be UConnREADY?

Every Husky can take simple steps to be UConnREADY:

  • Sign up for UConn ALERT
  • Read through OEM’s Emergency Hazard Guide and familiarize yourself with the proper procedures and resources to guide you through an emergency
    • Always follow any instructions that you receive through the UConn ALERT system
  • Make a Plan
    • Discuss what you and your family will do if you are on campus during an emergency
    • Think about how you will contact one another to provide status updates
    • If you have roommates, how will you account for one another during a building evacuation? Where is your assembly point?
  • Know where all of the emergency exits and fire pull stations are located in your building
  • Make a Kit
  • Read our Campus Evacuation Guide
    • Where will you go?
    • How will you get there?
  • Check out our training and events calendar for preparedness activities across all campuses

Know These Terms

Stay Informed

Check out our Training Schedule for an up-to-date list of training opportunities on emergency preparedness, prevention, and mitigation. We regularly update our OEM News Feed with various emergency preparedness activity across our campuses, state, and nation. If you are looking for some training materials, check out our “Seconds for Safety” posters and resources.