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Fired up for safety

About us

The UConn Fire Department (UCFD) is made up of three divisions: Fire Operations, Fire Administration, and the Fire Marshal and Building Inspector’s Office (FMBIO).

The Fire Operations Division, identified as Tolland County “Station 22,” is located in the Public Safety Building. Station 22 comprises 23 personnel assigned to four platoons. All Firefighters are licensed Emergency Medical Technicians as well as Hazardous Materials Technicians. UCFD works closely with surrounding departments and is part of the regional hazmat team, CERRIT.

Fire Administration is responsible for planning, budget and oversight of the department under the direction of the Fire Chief.

The FMBIO consists of the Fire Marshal’s Office and the Building Inspector’s Division. This office is responsible for code compliance for buildings and construction projects. They also provide public fire safety education and planning assistance.

Our role – Emergencies, Events, Inspections

UCFD plays a critical and diverse role in safety at the University. Annually, the UCFD responds to 3,000 emergency calls, including emergency medical incidents, fires, hazardous materials incidents, elevator entrapments, odor investigations, gas leaks, confined space incidents, fire alarms, and motor vehicle accidents.

UCFD also provides for standby at about 170 events on campus annually. These include: standby at men’s and women’s basketball, basketball first night, men’s and women’s hockey, football, soccer, track and field tournaments, pump testing, helicopter landings, concerts, annual lip sync, horse shows, polo games, high school visits, K9 Olympics, OOze ball, spring weekend, commencement, move in weekend, convocation, Halloween, parades, fire watches, and more.

UCFD is responsible for safety inspections across the University. Inspections include sprinklers, alarms, valves, standpipes, buildings, engine companies, preplans, hot work permits, and annual dormitory fire drills that occur once per semester. UCFD actively promotes and maintains safety with ongoing public education programs, including tours for FYE classes and children, lab safety, and RA trainings.

Address and Contacts

University of Connecticut Fire Department
Public Safety Complex, Storrs Campus
126 North Eagleville Road, Unit 3165
Storrs, CT 06269-3165
Phone: (860) 486-4925
FAX: (860) 486-4179
All Emergencies Dial 911

The mission of the UConn Fire Department is to protect the lives, property and the community while respecting its values and cultures.

We are committed to the maintenance of a safe place in which to learn and live, and the development of a culturally conscious department that will match the diversity of the UConn community.
Our commitment to our community is never ending and always evolving.

The University of Connecticut Fire Department’s vision is to be a world-class emergency response team by meeting the following goals:

Create a vision of operational excellence

  • Become accredited
  • Comply with NFPA standards
  • Comply with OSHA standards
  • Meet the highest achievable standard

Create an environment that is conducive to operational excellence

  • Maintain a supportive work force
  • Commit to self-evaluation of performance
  • Have open and respectful communications
  • Respect others’ beliefs and ranks
  • Work as a team

Foster a reputation for operational excellence

  • Promote honest and meaningful relationships
  • Encourage open and honest feedback
  • Recognize operational excellence
  • Market our success
  • Benchmark similar programs

A Platoon
Captain Landry
Lieutenant Vaughan
Firefighter Ailes
Firefighter Trovarelli
Firefighter Shaban
Firefighter Faust

B Platoon
Captain Dlubac
Lieutenant Selburg
Firefighter Gawlak
Firefighter Vumbaca
Firefighter Spencer
Firefighter Roper

C Platoon
Captain Barrow
Lieutenant McDonald
Firefighter Holmes
Firefighter Eye
Firefighter Miceli
Firefighter Przech

D Platoon
Captain Vinick
Lieutenant Miller
Firefighter Alexander
Firefighter Babcock
Firefighter Nero