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Hiring Process

UCFD posts vacant positions and also accepts applications on the Husky Hire website. Applicants who meet the requirements of the Firefighter job description are encouraged to apply for any posted positions. The Firefighter job description can be viewed here: DAS Firefighter Job Description

Job postings should be reviewed closely by the applicant for both the minimum and preferred qualifications, as well as the instructions for what must be submitted with the application. Applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications cannot be considered for employment so it is important to submit sufficient documentation that provides evidence they possess the minimum qualifications. UCFD requests that applicants also submit a statement of qualifications which is a narrative or cover letter that outlines the minimum and preferred qualifications they feel they meet. On the job posting, each qualification has a corresponding number. When submitting a statement of qualifications, cover letter or narrative, it is helpful for the applicant to list and refer to the minimum or preferred job qualification number. Additionally, all information provided in the statement of qualifications should be supported by evidence within the application itself. Please follow the application instructions carefully. Applications which are submitted as incomplete may not be considered.

Process Summary

  1. UCFD reviews all applications that are submitted to determine that minimum qualifications are met and which of the preferred qualifications are met.
  2. Desired qualified applicants are selected for interviews. Generally, a desired qualified applicant must have met all of the minimum qualifications and have some (or all) of the preferred qualifications listed in the job posting.
  3. Applicants who are interviewed may go through multiple interviews, including interview(s) before a panel.
  4. Qualified applicants who are not selected for interviews will be notified once the opening has been filled. Unqualified applicants may be notified sooner that they are not being offered any further consideration.
  5. All final candidates that are given a conditional offer of employment must successfully pass a pre-employment physical exam, psychological exam and have a full background check before a hire date can be confirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When are applications accepted? / Can I put my application on file?

Applications are only accepted when a vacant firefighter position(s) is open. Applications are not generally kept on file.

Once your application is submitted, the Husky Hire system will generate an e-mail should you provide your e-mail address and a page that says “Your application has been submitted” and will display a date and time. If this page shows, your application has been received. Also, please make a note of your user ID and password so that you may log in to check the status of your application. You will be able to see the position(s) that you have applied for.

Applicants who are moving forward in the process are generally contacted more frequently. All applicants are always contacted with their final disposition at the completion of a process. Basic application status can be checked by logging into the HuskyHire website (See FAQ above – “How do I know my application was received?”) Very limited information can be given to applicants while a process is underway. But, if necessary, the status of an application or process can be obtained by calling UCFD Fire Administration at 860-486-0010.

Depending on the amount of applicants, it may take weeks or several months for you to hear back from the UCFD. It is not unusual for these positions to result in 150 or more qualified applicants for a single position. In general, the more the amount of applicants, the longer the process.

No. At this time, the UCFD hires applicants who already meet the qualifications of the Firefighter job description. Candidates are selected based on whether they meet the minimum and preferred qualifications as well as their performance on the interview(s).

No. Applicants must meet the physical requirements for the Firefighter job description. CPAT is frequently a preferred qualification. Physical requirements are verified by a pre-employment physical exam in final hiring phases.

All applicants must have the minimum qualifications to be considered for the job. Highly desirable candidates who are selected for interviews generally have some or all of the preferred qualifications listed on the job posting.

Initial interviews may be conducted over the phone. Panel interviews are then conducted by UConn Fire Department personnel of different ranks who present a series of questions or scenarios directly related to the required skills and abilities of the Firefighter job description. Each applicant is objectively evaluated on their responses. Following the panel interview, applicants may be provided with the opportunity to interview with a UCFD Chief Officer.

Applicants who prepare for the interview process are more successful than those who do not. Beyond the general mainstream guidance on “how to interview,” applicants should be comfortable and capable of articulating their qualifications and demonstrating how they possess the skills and abilities of a firefighter.

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