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Primary and secondary prevention programming for a safer community

Safety Techniques and Awareness Resource Team

The S.T.A.R.T. Program


START The Conversation™

The mission of the Safety Techniques & Awareness Resource Team (S.T.A.R.T.) at the University of Connecticut Police department is to enhance public safety by raising awareness of sexual and relationship violence and engaging in a dialogue of both personal and community-wide risk-reduction strategies.

Offering a robust program of education on personal safety, bystander awareness and social roles, this program is comprised of a team of officers who are dedicated to improving the quality of life for the campus community in a safe, cooperative, and compassionate environment.

The S.T.A.R.T. program offers interactive, contemporary education in a safe and compassionate environment focused on group conversation. Each S.T.A.R.T. officer receives ongoing training in emerging issues and prevention strategies and incorporates these into their programs. S.T.A.R.T. officers have already presented a number of programs around the University and look to continue engaging our community in the process of learning. Please join us in STARTing The Conversation.


Women’s and Men’s Self- Defense Classes

The UConn Police Department in partnership with Community Standards, the Off-Campus Student Services and Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, functioning together to reaffirm the goal of providing the highest level of safety and well-being to the UConn community, offers FREE self-defense classes.

The Resisting Aggression with Defense (R.A.D.) Basic Personal Defense System is a national program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques network dedicated self-defense instructors that has been established by nationally certified R.A.D. Instructors since 1989.

These programs train both men and women in basic self-defense techniques and offers viable options when confronted with various threats of violence and aggression.

The R.A.D. system is not a martial arts class. All courses are taught by nationally certified R.A.D. instructors from the UConn Police and Fire Departments.

For more information, please visit our Self-Defense Programming Page

This program focuses on engaging group discussion on topics such as sexual predation, rape drugs, domestic violence, and peer pressure. Utilizing officially licensed ‘What Would You Do?’ episodes from ABC Primetime, our START officers will facilitate much needed conversations about changing culture, prevention strategies, and intervention techniques for bystanders.

Class time ranges from 1 to 2 hours. Audio and video capabilities are required.

This program is an engaging and free-flowing community discussion of sensitive topics. Participants are offered a safe place to discuss and express their ideas at their own pace. Our START officers understand the sensitive nature of the topics and will facilitate a compassionate environment. Participants will never be judged if they need to step away from the discussion. This is our START guarantee to our community.

A core element of all healthy relationships and larger communities is communication. Being able to both relay and understand messages is absolutely essential to good, healthy communication.

This program provides a brief overview of communication methods, examples of both poor and effective communication, human communication methods, message delivery and barriers to effective communication. After this brainstorming session, participants will break out into smaller groups and engage in communication games facilitated by our START officers. A variety of activities help to reinforce the lessons discussed. This class can be tailored to meet a wide variety of objectives for the host group.

Class time is 1 hour to 3 hours. This presentation requires breakout areas. Inquire through the START Programming Request Form for more information.

Some of our community feedback on the Effective Interpersonal Communication class.

“I’ve noticed improvements in my communication skills without even thinking about them. That’s when I realized how effective this program is! Overall I really enjoyed this program and would recommend that everyone do it!”

“Both were enthusiastic and engaging, and made me feel welcomed and interested in the subject”

“I thought the facilitators were very engaged and friendly. They communicated very well.”

Programming Request Form

If you are interested in hosting an educational experience with the UConn Police Department, please complete the form below. Be sure to complete all areas so we can better meet your programming needs. The UCPD Safety Techniques and Awareness Resource Team reserves the right to fulfill requests on a first-come/first-served basis for 10 or more participants. Program availability is subject to availability of police personnel. Please allow at least 4 weeks prior to the desired presentation date as our calendar fills up quickly.

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