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Submitting Documents for Code Compliance

Submission of Documents

The Fire Marshal and Building Inspector’s Office will review submitted documents for code compliance and the findings will be documented through the office’s Construction Document Review Report which is then forwarded to the Project Contact. Copies of reports may be forwarded to appropriate parties by the Project Contact. Issues which are identified as “Noncompliant” (marked “N”) should be resolved through subsequent revised drawings, addenda, or amendments to the construction documents. The conclusion at the end of the report will indicate subsequent action expected of the project team. This may include: no action required, compliant work will be verified in the field during construction inspection, and/or resubmission of documentation indicating code compliance. It is often beneficial to the project if the design professional responds to the noncompliant issues in writing to indicate how the issue will be resolved as an efficient means of confirming that the revisions will be compliant.

The hard copy/paper submission of documents, including drawings, specifications, or other descriptions of work, shall be made in duplicate when applying for a building permit or when a response from the Fire Marshal and Building Inspector’s Office showing the documents have been reviewed for code compliance is required.

As part of its internal operating procedures, the Fire Marshal and Building Inspector’s Office, through the project lead inspector, may delegate the review of various code regulated building systems and components for separate reviews by fire marshals and building inspectors.

Electronic submission of documents is acceptable. In-house reproduction capabilities currently allow printing of sheet sizes up to 11” x 17” only. Electronic submission of documents relevant to construction or building permit work may be made to:

Electronic submission of documents is to be accompanied by the Application for Construction Document Review and Building Permit as appropriate, or with a transmittal stating the desired action by the Fire Marshal and Building Inspector’s Office.

Currently, the Fire Marshal and Building Inspector’s Office maintains and retains the project records including the construction documents and the building permit in paper format.