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Submitting blueprints to build

Phased Submission of Plans and Construction Documents

The State Building Code requires the submission of a completed set of construction documents be reviewed by a building inspector for compliance with code and the issuance or denial of a building permit within 30 days.

With the intent of allowing for an expedient review of final construction documents and issuance of building permit, the phased submission of design drawings or preliminary documents is encouraged. A submission of preliminary drawings showing specific code compliance data allows the design professional and Fire Marshal and Building Inspector’s Office to open and promote a dialogue regarding a project’s compliance with code. Knowing that design drawings are not developed to show all aspects of code compliance, it is important to establish a standard which defines the scope and extent of the plan review for each phased submission.

The following list of information to be submitted in the phased development of a project allows the design professional to be aware of what information is being reviewed for the relevant provisions of the code, and what provisions of the building code are not being considered at a particular phase in the project’s development.

The Fire Marshal and Building Inspector’s Office review of preliminary plans will be provided to the project contact through the standard “Construction Document Review Report” with reference to the plan’s date and project description. Construction Document Review Reports will, for phased preliminary plan submission, review the drawings for the noted information and for compliance with the listed provisions of the code. Code provisions which are noted on the Construction Document Review Report as “Non-compliant” (“N”) do not warrant the re-submission of the documents immediately, but rather should be resolved or addressed in subsequent drawing submissions.