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Kicking off the code compliance process

Submission of Preliminary Drawings

Submission of preliminary drawings for review for code compliance is encouraged, however, is not required by the SBC. If preliminary drawings are submitted, two sets would be beneficial for large scale projects and the initial submission is to be accompanied by an Application for Construction Document Review and Building Permit.

Submission of preliminary documents to the Fire Marshal and Building Inspector’s Office assists in an expeditious review of the final construction documents and the issuance of a Building Permit. Review of these documents also serves as a means to work in concert with the design professional throughout the design phase resulting in early and beneficial discussions regarding the code compliance of the work.

Understanding that preliminary drawings are not prepared to show complete code compliance, the Fire Marshal and Building Inspector’s Office has developed a list of suggested information pertaining to the code that is appropriate for the reviewer to use as a guide for each typical phase of the project’s development.