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How to establish code compliance

The Schematic Design (Preliminary) Phase Plan Submission

The schematic design phase plan review strives to establish the project’s feasibility for code compliance, and to establish and/or confirm major code compliance systems required for the project.

The following basic information and data should be declared in the schematic design phase submission in order for the building officials to respond through the Construction Document Review Report, as to a project’s general compliance with basic code provisions:

  1. Determination of permit requirement – description of work.
  2. Declaration of Use – Existing occupancy classification (as applicable).
    1. Proposed occupancy classification
    2. Declarations of mixed use separated or non-separated
  3. Declaration of building height and area.
    1. Existing height and area
    2. Proposed height and area
  4. Declaration of Construction Classification.
  5. Declaration of fire protection systems.
  6. General review of floor plans for compliance with means of egress requirements.
    1. Accessible means of egress
    2. Exit access
    3. Exit and exit access doorways
    4. Exit access travel distance
    5. Number of exits
  7. General review of floor plans for compliance with accessibility requirements.
    1. Scoping requirements
    2. Accessible route
    3. Parking and passenger loading
  8. Evaluation of work for applicability of requirements for existing structures.