Meet Kerry M. Clark, Emergency Management Program Specialist

Kerry Clark is an Emergency Management Program Specialist at the University of Connecticut.  In this position, he is responsible for developing and implementing plans and procedures related to the University of Connecticut’s response to all hazards and emergencies, business continuity and recovery.  He has create and facilitated emergency management Table-Top Exercises (TTX) for regional campus following Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines and generated After-Actions Reports (AARs) as part of the process.  In addition to participating in and/or reporting to a variety of meetings, committees, professional associations and/or other groups, he assists in maintaining the University Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

In 2018, Kerry retired from the MA Air National Guard after 30 years of service and obtaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  While serving on Active Duty, NH ANG, and MA ANG, he received the vast majority of his emergency management and Public Health experience.  Serving as a Hospital Administrator, he responded to Bay St. Louis, MS in 2005 to support recovery efforts following Hurricane Katrina, appointed as the 2nd operational period, Officer-In-Charge of the MA National Guard Joint Operations Center (MA-NG JOC) following Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and provided emergency operations training to the country of Paraguay’s equivalent to FEMA.

Kerry received his Master’s in Public Administration, with a concentration in Emergency Management, from Anna Maria College in 2018.  He lives in Webster, MA with his wife Karyn.