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Our recruiting team is available to answer questions about the hiring process and career opportunities. To speak with any member of the Recruiting Team, please follow the contact information listed on this page.

Recruitment Team Officers

Contact Email
Lieutenant Matthew Zadrowski matthew.zadrowski@uconn.edu
Sergeant Ryan Brown ryan.p.2.brown@uconn.edu
Sergeant Sean Butler sean.butler@uconn.edu
Sergeant Justin Cheney justin.cheney@uconn.edu
Sergeant Douglas Lussier douglas.lussier@uconn.edu
Sergeant Jennifer Moskowitz jennifer moskowitz@uconn.edu
Sergeant Robert O’Loughlin robert.o’loughlin@uconn.edu
Sergeant Jacqueline Twiss jacqueline.twiss@uconn.edu
Officer Eric Bard eric.bard@uconn.edu
Officer Joseph Bennett joseph.bennett@uconn.edu
Officer Nicolas Catania nicolas.catania@uconn.edu
Officer Brian Cugini brian.cugini@uconn.edu
Officer Kurt Hoffler kurt.hoffler@uconn.edu
Officer Thomas Jacobsen thomas.2.jacobsen@uconn.edu
Officer Robin Kiddy robin.kiddy@uconn.edu
Officer Rachael Levy rachael.levy@uconn.edu
Officer Dominic Nesci dominic.nesci@uconn.edu
Officer J.B. O’Reilly john.o’reilly@uconn.edu
Officer Mark Sweeney mark.sweeney@uconn.edu
Officer Dean Vertefeuille dean.vertefeuille@uconn.edu

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