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Recruitment Team Officers

Lieutenant Matthew Zadrowski

Lieutenant Zadrowski has been a member of the UConn Police Department since 2008 and is currently assigned as supervisor of the UCPD Training Unit.  Additionally, Lieutenant Zadrowski is a Field Training Officer and member of the UCPD Honor Guard. Before being hired at UCPD, Lieutenant Zadrowski attended UConn as an undergraduate, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. Lieutenant Zadrowski is an avid sports (Yankees/Cowboys/Huskies) fan and enjoys camping and the outdoors.

Officer Ryan Brown began his career with the University of Connecticut in 2007. Prior to beginning his career with the UConn Police Department, Officer Brown served in the United States Army from 2003-2006 as an M1A1 Armor Crewman. During his time in the United States Army, Officer Brown served with the Second Infantry division in the Republic of Korea and with the Third Armored Cavalry Regiment in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, ultimately achieving the rank of Corporal. Officer Brown also served as an Infantryman with the 102nd Infantry Regiment in the Connecticut National Guard from 2007-2008. After completing the POSTC Academy and UCPD Field Training Program, Officer Brown furthered his career by completing his Associate degree at Manchester Community College in the field of Criminal Justice. In 2009, Officer Brown attended the Connecticut State Police “Police Motorcycle Officer operator course” and the “International Police Mountain Bike Association operator course.” In 2012, Officer Brown attended the Smith & Wesson Academy police firearms instructor course in Springfield, Massachusetts and the Sig-Sauer pistol armorer course in Epping, New Hampshire. Officer Brown assists in ensuring all UCPD patrol vehicles are maintained and in proper working order, including the Mobile Command Center, ATV and fleet of Harley Davidson and BMW motorcycles. Officer Brown currently works second shift in the UCPD patrol division (Storrs) and as a UCPD firearms instructor and Field Training Officer.

Sergeant Lussier began his career with the UConn Police Department in 2012. Prior to joining the UCPD, Sergeant Lussier served in the United States Marine Corps from 2008 to 2014, with a combat deployment to Afghanistan from 2011 to 2012 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. During his time in the Marine Corps, he achieved the rank of Sergeant. Within the UCPD, Sergeant Lussier currently serves as a second shift supervisor at the Storrs campus. In addition, Sergeant Lussier is a firearms instructor, patrol rifle instructor, active threat response instructor, pistol and rifle armorer. He is also a member of the UCPD Honor Guard, an ATV operator, bicycle officer and a Field Training Officer within the department.

Sergeant O’Loughlin began his career with the UConn Police Department in March of 2013. While at UCPD, Sergeant O’Loughlin has been a part of the Safety Techniques and Awareness Resource Team (S.T.A.R.T.) and Recruitment Team. In addition, Sergeant O’Loughlin has been a women’s self-defense instructor, a Cooper Physical Fitness test monitor, and he is a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. Sergeant O’Loughlin is currently assigned to our Stamford substation. In his spare time, Sergeant O’Loughlin enjoys watching football (NCAA and NFL) and is an avid fantasy football player.

Officer Levy has been a patrol officer with the UConn Police Department since March of 2013. She received her Bachelors of Arts degree in Criminology with a minor in Psychology from Central Connecticut State University, Cum Laude, in 2012. Prior to becoming a Police Officer, she was a Pharmacy Technician and floor sales representative at Rite Aid Pharmacy. Officer Levy supported her community as a Police Explorer and Police Explorer Advisor with the Avon Police Department from 2004 until 2012. She obtained her Emergency Medical Technician certification in 2009 and continues to assist with EMT classes at Central Connecticut State University along with the Biomolecular Sciences faculty. Officer Levy is a member of the UCPD Community Outreach Unit, UCPD Youth Liaison Office, UCPD Recruitment Team and Honor Guard. In addition, she is a Field Training Officer, a certified Bicycle Officer, Crisis Intervention Officer, and liaison with the Special Victims Unit.

In 2002, Officer Kurt Hoffler started his Police career at the Connecticut Juvenile Training Center where he had the opportunity to be a mentor to troubled youth. In 2004 Officer Hoffler joined the UConn Police Department where he worked at the Waterbury substation. Currently Officer Hoffler is assigned to the Downtown Hartford substation. Officer Hoffler enjoys sports, traveling, audio engineering and being active in his local church.

Officer Bard began his career as a UConn Police officer in 2005. Officer Bard is a trained C.I.T. Crisis Intervention Team Officer, a Field Training Officer, a women’s and men’s self-defense instructor, bike officer and a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. Officer Bard works very closely with UConn staff and students and has found the professional relationships he has created through the years to be invaluable in assisting many cases he has investigated. He is currently assigned to the Avery Point substation.

Officer Bennett graduated from Mitchell College in 2003 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. He began state service with the Department of Correction in 2004 where he was assigned to York Correctional Institution. While working for the Department of Correction, Officer Bennett was a Behavior Management Instructor and a member of the Correctional Emergency Response Team. In 2008, he began his career with the UConn Police Department assigned to the Storrs campus. In 2010, Officer Bennett transferred to the Avery Point campus to be closer to home. In addition to being on the recruitment team, Officer Bennett is a Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Instructor, a Cooper Physical Fitness test monitor, and a bike officer. In his spare time, he enjoys all traveling and exercise.

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