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Working Hand in Hand for a Bright Future

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A Bright Future™ is what the UConn Police Department wants for you and for everyone in our community. The men and women of the UCPD work hand-in-hand with members of our community to identify public safety concerns, provide education, host community events, and realize practical and effective solutions to the issues facing our neighborhoods. These efforts, coupled with directed enforcement and thorough investigations, serve to make Bright Future™ a model public safety campaign by the UConn Police Department. Through using a multifaceted approach to complex problems, we provide education, information, and enforcement as we work cooperatively with community members to achieve safer communities and a Bright Future™ for everyone.


A safe community is only possible with the combined efforts of local law enforcement and the communities they serve. UConn Police officers constantly work with members of the UConn community to identify public safety concerns. They then become part of the collaborative solutions to ensure safe communities.


Members of the UConn Police Department bring to the community leading edge education through facilitated learning activities and public information efforts. Interactive presentations on sexual violence prevention, alcohol and other drug awareness, interpersonal communication skills and more are all key components to a Bright FutureTM for the community. Officers continually assess programming through detailed data collection and develop information for the community that will resonate with a broad spectrum of community members. The UConn Police Department also utilizes partner information packages for community groups that want to be leaders in making a Bright Future for our entire campus.

Directed Enforcement

Whether it be increasing dedicated patrols to address specific issues such as underage drinking, impaired driving, or other public health risks; implementing leading-edge training for our officers investigating crimes of sexual violence; or enhancing the delivery of services to victims and witnesses of crime in our neighborhoods, all members of the UConn Police Department strive for excellence in our law enforcement efforts.

Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness


Some college students feel a lot of pressure to consume alcohol and other drugs.  According to the National Institute of Health’s National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, about half of all college students who drink, also consume alcohol through binge drinking. This can lead to serious health concerns, injury or death; increased criminal abuse and victimization; academic problems; and increased risk to one’s mental health.

Through the Bright FutureTM Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness campaign, our officers focus their efforts in educating the community on the dangers of alcohol and other drugs as well as empowering our community to make Simple Decisions to ensure a brighter future. Our educational efforts include:

  • interactive classroom experiences
  • facilitated activity events designed to let participants experience certain risks in a safe environment
  • targeted enforcement of impaired driving, underage drinking, service of alcohol to minors, and drug use
  • comprehensive public information efforts including print and other media
  • partner packages

We are committed to putting forth our best efforts in community education and the enforcement of the laws to ensure a community safe from those who would endanger others.

If you would like to learn more about the Bright FutureTM Alcohol or Other Drug Safety Campaign, schedule an educational event or program, or become a Community Partner in our efforts, please contact the Community Outreach Unit of the UConn Police Department at or call 860-486-2375 for more information.

Below are our UConn Residential Partner Package resources:

Bright Future – Door Decorations – 4x
Bright Future – Impaired Driving Brochure
Bright Future Logo – 400×259
Bright Future – Partner Package Event Poster
Bright Future Poster-1: Designated Driver
Bright Future Poster-2: Know Your Limits – 11×17
Bright Future Poster-3: Bars Close
Bright Future Poster-4: Alcohol Poisoning
Bright Future Poster-5: Safety Tips
Bright Future – Sober Ride Card Holder – Part-A
Bright Future – Sober Ride Card Holder – Part-B
Bright Future – Sober Ride Gift Card Wallet Size – 4x