UConn Health Locksmith Services

The locksmiths at UConn Health manage and maintain all of the access control and the various security systems in use across the campus. This includes traditional keyed locks, code entry and card access devices, as well as alarm point monitoring, intrusion detection and CCTV (video surveillance) systems.

As part of the Police Department Administrative Services, the locksmiths work in conjunction with the UConn Health police and fire departments to provide a safe and secure environment for both the UConn Health community and the public that come to the facility on a daily basis.

Key and Service Requests

All key requests and locksmith services are processed through our online system, FAMIS®. All requests must be processed through the self-service module or the work cannot be scheduled.

The system is divided into two sections – one for all UConn Health standard door key requests and one for all other locksmith services. There are separate processes for each.

To assist in providing adequate security at UConn Health facilities, keys must be personally issued to and signed for by the individual who will be in control of the key. Requests for newly issued keys must be accompanied by a reason for the issuance; i.e., the key is for a newly assigned individual who will be sharing an office with someone currently assigned to the room, or the individual has replaced someone who formerly occupied the room. If someone is replacing another individual in the room, the individual being replaced will be required to return his/her key to the UConn Health Police Department for issuance to the newly assigned person.

Lost Keys

Individuals who lose a key must file a lost report with the UConn Health Police Department.